SORT: Pinela 40%, Chardonnay 20%, Malvazija 20%, Rebula 10%, Laški Rizling 7%, Zelen 2%, Vitovska 1%

VINEYARD: Angel, Vogersko hill, Brdce, Jazbine


CULTIVATION: Biodynamic (Demeter) with PCS

SOIL: marl

AVG. VINE AGE: 30 years

PLANTATION DENSITY: 3.000 - 12.000 vines/Ha

VINTAGE TIME: From the middle of september to the middle of October

HARVESTING: manual (selection)

LOAD: 0,5 kg/vine

VINE YIELD: 3,5 - 4t/ Ha

HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY: 2009 was a very special harvest. It was the first year ever that the young Angel vineyard produced grapes. They were tiny and few, but their taste was delightful; each fruit invigorated the body and soul.

We bottled the wines on May 8th, the day my wife Mateja gave birth to our first son. We named him after the wine of the sun and moon; after the wine of the wind and rain; after the virgin soil. We named him after the vineyard.
In the name of son also Angel Batic White get name, which represent the finest wines from Batic vinery. Angel White is cuvee, which is signed just with the easence from the best locations of Batic vineyards and only when the years are good.

Assortment of wines in Angel Belo changes over the years. The only constant that different vintages of wine Angel White combines is the vitality of wines and their high elegance.

Angel Belo 2010 is cuvee born from selected barrels of Pinela 40%, Chardonnay 20%, Malvazija 20%, Rebula 10% Laski Rizling 7% Zelen 2 % VItovska 1%

Different varieties were with skin contact - between 1 day and 5 days. All varieties matured for 36 months is Slovenian barrels.




BATIČ CUVEE ANGERL & FOOD: The wine's elegance makes Batic Angel White a perfect gastronomical wine, embracing the Nature's harmony.

Batic Angel White is an excellent companion to fish, both fresh and salt water. Interesting pairings with shrimp and grilled zucchini, lobster.

Angel White is a stronger wine, to be paired with substantial dishes such as tuber soup, smoked trout with polenta or asparagus, veal stake with fresh Caesar's mushrooms, ...

Angel White is a wine of only the best vintages from the best terroir. It is not a wine to be enjoyed on any given day.

It should be served on special occasions or when you want to offer more than just wine. The wine's structure allows Angel White to be enjoyed without food – all this wine needs to bring you closer to Paradise is for you to take time to enjoy its wonders.