SORT: Merlot 100%

VINEYARD: Jazbine, Vogersko Hill


CULTIVATION: Organic - Biodynamic (Demeter) with PCS

SOIL: marl

AVG. VINE AGE: 35 years

PLANTATION DENSITY: 2.500 - 12.000 vines/Ha

VINTAGE TIME: In the middle of October

HARVESTING: manual (selection)

LOAD: 0,6 kg/vine

VINE YIELD: 4,5 t/Ha

HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY: Also the Merlot grapes are cropped and tended in the old traditional Vipava's manner.

The vineyard and everything connected to it is the essence of making good wine. The wine-cellar is merely a peaceful place for the must to mature into wine.

The lesser the winemaker’s presence in the cellar, the more pure and perfect the wine – paradoxally.

The vineyard is a totally different story, however. The vines need and abundance of sunshine and little shade.

The vines only benefit from the winemaker’s shadow. August is the time for grape reduction. Five percent of Merlot grapes are picked in the beginning of October to make the grapes’ own yeast.

Selection and harvest of the Merlot grapes were carried out in late October.The Grapes were macerated for thirty days, with yeast collected in the pre-harvest.

Must was poured in Slovene oak barrels, together with fine lees. There the wine developed its elegance without the touch of man. Also, deacidification took place.

Not a single preservative is used in the process up to bottling. Merlot was bottled in the time of the old moon, which calms the wine and sets it on a long and wonderful journey.

COLOUR: Deep ruby. Tears form most interesting shapes and tell us about the rich content of the glass.

NOSE: Somewhat misterious… Luxurious and wide. A quite intense aroma, offering scents of ripe dark-red fruits, ripe cherries, sophisticated spices due to maturing in wood.

The scents linger on and, like a peaceful spring of water, keep bringing new notes.

TASTE: The Batič Merlot becomes typical only after the bottle had been open for at least half an hour.

Yet the wait is rewarded with the feeling of warm raspberries, the smell of freshly baked plum pastry with a gentle scent of vanilla and the developing note of prunes.

Velvety tannins, an elegant tasting, pure, thick and long wine. The aroma of the first taste stays alive for a long time and echoes in pleasant scents.

Despite its large body, this Merlot combines all the elements of a noble wine, reflecting in the harmony of taste, aroma and appearance.



BATIČ MERLOT & FOOD: Batič Merlot pairs perfectly with aromatic dishes, based on red-meat.

Young goat in blueberry sauce makes a most interesting match with Merlot, so does pasta in spicy herbal sauce.

The wine nicely complements dishes based on aromatic mushrooms (porcini mushrooms, Chanterelles, Saffron Milk-cap) as well as ripe cheese, blue cheese.

Due to Merlot’s rich structure, this wine can be complemented with as little as a nice slice of homemade prosciutto.