SORT: 100% Pinela

VINEYARD: Vogersko hill


CULTIVATION: Biodynamic (Demeter) with PCS

SOIL: marl

AVG. VINE AGE: Single vineyard (planted in 1999)


VINTAGE TIME: Middle of October

HARVESTING: manual (selection)

LOAD: 0,5 kg/vine


HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY: Pinela is an old, local grape from the Vipava. Of all the grapes (mostly international) grown on this soil, Pinela is the most noble one.

However praised and talked about it may be, Pinela can rarely be tasted. In terms of winemarker's love, it is a highly demanding sort.

If the work in the vineyard is done even a little late (cutting off excess shoots and removing leaves, mowing the grass,…) the harvest had probably been completed.

Batič family devoted his soul to this grape variety. Pinela vines are planted only in the best terroirs of the Batič estate.

Ivan Batič revived the old tradition of planting Pinela and other grape varieties with plantation density of 12.000 vines/ha and 1,2 m spacing between vine rows.

This means the vines are constantly on the edge of survival and that is when the vine offers the most.

We are grateful to the Vipava Valley climate for the constant dry breeze – there would probably be no Pinela without this climate.

We believe that the wine is a reflection of the winemaker, not of the cellar keeper and that is why our wine is made with thoughts of nature even after the harvest.

According to the old Vipava tradition, Pinela is macerated at an unregulated temperature for 2 days. The wine fermented with its own natural yeast, collected in the pre-harvest.

It matured for twenty-four months in Slovene oak barrels, which enabled the wine to ennoble the harmony and finish biological deacidification. It was bottled in the time of the right moon.

COLOUR: Intense golden yellow, calm in appearance and almost oil-like when poured into a glass, attracting the wine-explorer’s attention.

NOSE: The first impressions agree with the wine’s appearance. Gentle aromas, open scents, notes of ripe fruit (peach, apricot), a subtle note of vanilla and sun-kissed grapes.

Coming from the background, a varied bouquet of aromas (notes of succulent, ripe yellow fruit, bread), creating a perfect harmony.

TASTE: A perfect harmony with the wine’s smell and appearance. The softness of the first sip lingers on. Pinela is in perfect balance. The wine’s unique character reflects the terroir.

Pinela is full, extractive, mineral with a sophisticated spiciness. It is calming, yet persistant, thus authenticating its richness and uniqueness.

Pinela preserves the perfect elegance of its variety, despite the fullness and richness. This is undoubtedly a main-course wine, a wine for special moments, one that is worth waiting for as it keeps gorwing and evolving in the glass.

This is nature’s way of proving that Pinela has all the potential of a masterpiece.



BATIČ PINELA & FOOD: An interesting companion to pasta (ravioli, noodles) with fresh porcini mushrooms.

Pinela creates a warm harmony with cheese&vegetable dishes such as fennel lasagna, grilled zucchini, pasticcio,… while a roast duck or goose bring it to perfection.

Pinela is strong in character, which also allows pairings with dishes that would usually be accompanied by red wines.