SORT: Rebula 100%

VINEYARD: Vogrsko Hill, Brajda


CULTIVATION: Biodynamic (Demeter) with PCS

SOIL: marl

AVG. VINE AGE: 20 years


VINTAGE TIME:In the middle of October

HARVESTING: manual (selection)

LOAD: 0,5 kg/vine

VINE YIELD: 35 - 40 HL/Ha

HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY: Both the cultivation of the soil as well as the maceration of the grapes are carried out with respect of the old Vipavska dolina winemaking traditions that were in use for centuries, up to the 1950's.

Rebula grapes together with skins was fermented in open vats at an unregulated temperature and without selected yeast being added. The whole process is strongly connected to the phases of the moon.

From the very beginning, Rebula is molded by the new moon, which gives the wine its young, vivacious and deep character.

Rebula matured in Slovene oak barrels and stainless still.

COLOUR: Deep shade of yellow with ambery tones.

NOSE: Tones of a, complex Rebula prevail, with mineral and mature scents. Given the opportunity to rest in a glass for some time, the wine releases a variety of clear, noble and distinct smells – straw fruit compote, dried fruit with a touch of butter and vanilla.

TASTE:The story of Rebula’s exquisite harmony of taste continues on the palate. Dry in the mouth, however strong and thus with a hint of sweetness.

High alcohol content agrees perfectly with the full body. Rounded by a pleasant freshness. Soft undertones of mature tannins. Rebula displays a warm and intense character.

RECOMMENDED SERVING TEMPERATURE: 12°C, decantation recommended.


Rebula makes an excellent companion with clams, shrimps, crab, oysters.

The wine wonderfully complements spring-herb risotto, porcini mushrooms (Penny bun), shrimp or spinnach lasagne, pasta with different vegetables (noodles with asparagus, tomato and basil, …)

Rebula 07 goes well with different cheeses – from young to mature or blue cheeses. The Tete du Monde cheese complements Rebula 07 in a most special way.